The Lord's Table

The Lord's Table is a very important reminder of God's grace and provision for us. By partaking of the elements of bread and wine, we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died for our sin and now gives us life!

At the heart of Paul's admonition to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians 11:17-28) about the Lord's Supper is his concern for the unity of the church. For Paul, the Lord's Supper was something that was supposed to remind the church how they were brought together - through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That's why it was so offensive that there were factions and divisions, class wars and favoritism surrounding the Corinthian Lord's supper.

Jesus' death, resurrection, and His life in us are things that every believer holds in common, and that's what makes the Lord's Supper special. The Lord's Supper is something that connects us with generations of Christians from all different time periods, cultures, and circumstances. Not that taking the bread and the wine adds anything to our spiritual state (that part is already complete in Christ). But there is something special in doing this as a church, saying we believe in Jesus Christ, and we remember His death and resurrection together as we partake of the elements!

Currently, we partake of the Lord's Table every 2nd Sunday of the month.

Community Fellowship Pizza Brunch

Food fellowships are a great time to get to know people, and also a great time to visit our church! Join us for a service with a themed message and pizza provided afterward at no cost to you. For our members, this is a great time to invite friends as well.